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Personalized Fee-Only Financial Planning

At WellPlanned Finance, we believe each woman's journey to financial well-being is unique.  That's why our approach to financial planning is focused on what matters to you. Whether it's traveling the world, launching a business, funding family growth milestones, or building the biggest nest egg possible, we're here to identify your path to success.  

As fee-only financial planners, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act solely in your best interest. What does this mean?  It means we can't and don't accept any fees or commissions from product sales or third parties.

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Our typical client is the owner or aspiring owner of a small to medium-sized business. She is an entrepreneur, innovator, hustler, and change maker in the wealth-accumulation phase of her life.  Some common challenges our clients need help addressing include:

  • Cashflow management to meet current and mid-term needs

  • Understanding the financial drivers underlying your business to financially scale and grow

  • Selecting and implementing self-directed retirement savings plans

  • Alignment of investment portfolio asset allocation to long-term goals and wealth accumulation

  • Identifying and optimizing tax savings opportunities

  • Insurance protection for your family and your business

Why work with an advisor?

Our planning services fall into four categories. Click below to learn more.



We admit it - we're geeky for all things personal finance, and our comprehensive financial plans cover a lot of ground.  This covers everything, and then some.



Need advice on just one or two specific areas of personal finance? We breakdown our advice into easily digestible segments and a checklist for implementation.



Numbers not your forte?  Whether you're an entrepreneur testing the feasibility of your business  idea or a seasoned business  owner looking to expand, our financial modeling service can aid at any stage.  



Whether you're just getting started investing your hard earned dollars or need to fine-tune your strategy to meet your goals, our investment management service can help.



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