Jennifer Rickle, CPA

Financial planning is not a race to the wealthiest. It's about making your finances support the life you want to lead.

Hi there! I'm Jennifer, a CPA and fee-only financial planner who is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and small business owners, regardless of their income or net worth, gain wealth and lifetime financial security through thoughtful and intentional financial planning.

As a business founder and owner myself, I understand the challenges you face. From the moment you said to yourself "I'm going for it!" and launched your business, each day brings an overwhelming number of decisions to be made, both in and out of your area of expertise.  Regardless if you're in the initial years of bootstrapping and hustling, or if your new focus is on scaling effectively and efficiently, it's imperative that your personal financial plan is working in conjunction with your business' growth and is supporting your unique needs.


I bring clarity, transparency, structure, and WellPlanned action to my client's personal finances, as well as supporting their businesses through tax preparation and bookkeeping services. 'Cause hey, having everything in one place is one less decision you have to make!

Want to learn more? Drop me a line anytime at jennifer@wellplannedfinance.com or book a free consultation here.

Jenn Valenza, CPA
Freelance - Financial Modeling & Analysis 

Hello!  I am Jennifer too.  Quite a popular name here at WellPlanned!  I go by Jenn and am a CPA with over a decade of diversified accounting and financial experience. 

Although I love all things numbers, my sweet spot is financial modeling.  Having spent the majority of my career in FP&A (Financial Projections & Analysis), I can crank out driver-based models in my sleep.  Well... not exactly, but I often dream in Microsoft Excel :)


I enjoy distilling complicated business operations into simple, easy-to-digest driver-based financial models.  What are the levers we can pull?  What are their sensitivities? What are the bottlenecks?

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you wear many hats. Well leave this hat to me, and together we will make sure you are making the best financial decisions for your business.    

Ready to hang your Excel hat?  Email me at jvalenza@wellplannedfinance.com or book a free consultation here