"HOPE is not a financial plan." 

~ Ric Edelman

If your finances are heavy on hope and light on plan, come talk with us.  We'll work together to identify short and long term improvements to your strategy.  

The Process






Our comprehensive personal financial planning process begins with an introductory consultation designed to best understand you - your goals, hopes, dreams, wants and needs.  We'll learn your values, define your goals and set priorities.


From there, we'll collect information from you to create a personalized financial plan - the Initial Plan - covering seven key areas of financial planning:

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate Planning

Once the Initial Plan has been established, we'll continue to work together on a quarterly basis, implementing improvement strategies, and monitoring your progress. Twice yearly, we'll compare your progress against the initial plan and refine strategies as necessary.


Upfront cost of $2,500 plus an annual retainer billed monthly in arrears at $200 to $500 per month, based on complexity.

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