"Beware of little expenses. A small leak can sink a great ship" - Benjamin Franklin

Are you worried little expenses might be sinking your ship? Use our financial modeling expertise to get your arms around your business.  We'll spend time upfront learning about the nuance and drivers of your business and gain an understanding of your modeling needs.  We'll work to deliver a quality custom model and financial analysis based on your business goals.      


Our modeling services can help you at any stage of your business including:

  • Founding Stage: Confirm the viability and economics of your business idea

  • Investment Stage: Prep and ready your forecasted financials for outside investment 

  • Scale Stage: Forecast and evaluate business performance with driver and scenario based modeling 

  • Growth Stage: Evaluate and analyze potential acquisitions and associated returns

  • Exit Stage: Determine what an investor might be willing to pay for your business

Once the initial draft model has been established, we'll spend time iterating and refining until we are certain the delivered product fits your specific needs. You will be well informed and receive training on how to use your custom model with the option to add on future touch bases and model refreshes as your business evolves.  


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